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  • Should children get a baseline concussion test before they start junior sports?

    Because the effects of concussion can be subtle and symptoms vary day to day, it can be difficult to make assessments of recovery. Research is also increasingly showing the brain is still healing after "clinical recovery," or the time by which concussion symptoms resolve. For these reasons, objective tests can be helpful to understand brain recovery and guide decisions on returning to sport.

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  • Butt Bruise: Treatment and Healing

    A butt bruise occurs from direct trauma to the gluteal muscles of the buttocks. Forceful impact on a muscle causes damage to underlying blood vessels, muscle fibers, and sometimes bone resulting in bleeding underneath the skin.

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  • Electrolytes can give the body a charge, but try not to overdo it

    Research on electrolyte supplementation is mostly aimed at athletes, she said. Some sources say that water is fine for anyone in an activity that lasts less than an hour; some say even more activity is needed before anything beyond water is helpful.

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  • How to prevent common spring injuries

    With spring in full bloom, warm weather and an increase in outdoor activities, the risk of injury also increases. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or want to enjoy more daily movement in your routine, injuries can impact individuals of all levels and can range from minor sprains to more serious conditions needing medical attention.

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  • Why you shouldn't be afraid to start running after middle age

    After conducting 1,000 MRI scans of the joints of midlife exercisers (both runners and cyclists) and "couch potatoes," I now better understand just how beneficial midlife running is for the knees, hips and spine.

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