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Referring Providers

I greatly appreciate any and all referrals. My goal is to treat your patients in a prompt and efficient manner in order to return them to sports, play, work or whatever activity they prefer. I want them to return to you on their next visit fully recovered and happy with their orthopaedic care. I strive to keep you aware of their treatment and progress and will send office notes after each visit and/or surgery.

How to Contact Me

Please call me at (513) 346-1599 (513) 346-1599 or on my mobile if you have any questions, need to get a patient seen urgently or have any problems. Please ask for Dave Ahouse and he can give you my cell phone number to contact me easily. Please notify your patients of this website prior to their visit. The information here can alleviate any stress or anxiety associated with an orthopedic injury.

When to Refer

My answer to this is whenever you don’t feel comfortable treating an orthopedic problem, I am happy to see your patients at any time. If urgent or medically necessary, I often can work in patients the same or next day. If you’re uncertain, please call me and I would be glad to discuss it. Don’t feel obligated to do any testing beforehand; I can take care of that at the office visit. If you have any issues getting appointments for your patients, contact me directly.